Leyden Gallery
Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Saturday, October 18, 2014
9/9a Leyden Street, London, E1 7LE
Leyden Gallery

Using diverse and often experimental techniques which include painting, drawing, printmaking and collage, the three artists bring their own unique perspectives to their artwork but are drawn together by their shared experiences.

Andy Gashe’s work is made as a reaction to his urban environment; scratching the many-layered surfaces that surround us in an attempt to show this strange paradox between fragility and brutality which leads to the re-creation of both real and imagined landscapes. 

Jody Little‘s work is driven by questions about our past and identity and the memories that prevail with each of our family histories. He explores this primarily with printmaking techniques using personal memorabilia and ephemera as inspiration as well as within works themselves.

 Christina Macaulay works intuitively and makes what have been most commonly described as painterly drawings. These are informed by carefully selected images, found objects and photographs which provide a reference point for her exploration through memory, emotion and experience.

10% of all sales will raise funds for the Albert Kennedy Trust charity who provide support to LGBT homeless young people in crisis (