Walthamstow Village Window Gallery
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Sunday, November 1, 2015
47 Orford Road, London, E17 9NJ
Walthamstow Village Window Gallery

Abstract painter Sharon Drew’s work is immersive, and uses translucent and opaque layers of rapid, repetitive, gestural applications of paint, giving rhythm and pace. Janet Mitchell’s collaged and painted pieces find a balance of colour and tone reflecting such events as the weather, time of day, atmosphere and the seasons, sunlight glinting on the water. There’s an ethereal, eerie seascape fluidly captured by a pinhole camera by photographer Paul Debois’ and Paul Greenleaf’s crisp, technicolor image of visitors enjoying nearby Hollow Ponds deliberately references the nostalgia of vivid, vintage picture postcards.

Magnus Irvin, cardboard sculptor, performance artist and confectionista among other things appears here wearing his trademark captain’s cap, in a time-lapse film of himself recreating JMW Turner’s 1831 painting ‘Lifeboat with Manby Apparatus’ writ large. Johanna Melvin’s single colour cut-outs graphically portray the landscape of rough seas while Tony Blackmore’s paperfold pieces evoke in three dimensions the interweaving peaks and troughs of an ever-moving surface.

The angular, fragmentary construction by Mark McClure with its painted and unpainted timbers suggest parts of a shipwrecked yacht or splintered ice in a frozen arctic sea. Lastly to the heat of Neil Morley’s African series. His practice employs readymade fabrics, creating tensions between background and foreground to explore the politics of colonialism and tourism. The two paintings in this show use traditional African fabrics with a moving water motif as their canvas.
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