The Muse Gallery
Thursday, October 29, 2020
Sunday, November 15, 2020
269 Portobello Road, W11 1LR
The Muse Gallery

The Muse Gallery presents

Marina Junqueira



Opening Night 29.10.2020, 6-9pm


This exhibition is one of the many stories told about the pandemic of 2020; a moment when the life of an artist was transformed by a virus.

The two series of works, Photoboxing London and Prisoner of Copacabana, are images ‘before’ and ‘after’ the pandemic; emulating the change in practice, research – life. These series represent the change in Marina’s practice, work that began a year ago with the crown of her research, Photoboxing London. Marina’s work in lockdown, The Copacabana, then became progressively experimental, introspective and atmospheric. Her landscapes (pre-lockdown), altered photography connected to her studio practice, became in stark contrast with work produced in the confines of her home.  She travelled into her imagination, deep within the recess of her mind – ‘outside in, inside out’.

Marina Junqueira’s work will lead you into a world of things; familiar, yet simultaneously bizarre and outlandish. Hints of our collective reality seen through an impish, whimsical and often campy looking glass. A counterpart to our dimension boasting preposterous creatures, etheric blobs of color transmogrifying into cartoony anthropomorphic beings (if you discount the beaks, breasts and tentacles). These critters overrun London’s most famous sites, stampeding cheesiness and ridiculing the pomposity of British tourism; not without a sense of irony, especially when the herd comes to rest at The Muse Gallery in the world famous Portobello Road.

This exhibition was originally planned to open in July, when English fly away from their homeland towards the Costa Brava and azure of the Mediterranean. In their wake the market of Portobello fills with tourists destined to inspire Marina’s colourful imagination and Love of all things London. Nevertheless this was not to be; COVID 19 arrived and presented an insidious threat, just as invisible but far less friendly than Marina’s ethereal armies decking the view of the Tower Bridge. Marina professes to ‘see a postcard at every corner’, something she knows connects her to the tourists she satirizes; one can only surmise that her childlike sense of wonder may not be so cheesy after all.

Opening Hours

Thursday – Friday 10-4pm

Saturday-Sunday 12-6pm

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