William Road Gallery @ John McAslan & Partners
Saturday, October 5, 2019
04:00 PM
7-9 William Road London NW13ER
William Road Gallery @ John McAslan & Partners

  • In this age of instant gratification and constant distraction it is difficult to be fully present in a place, process or moment in time. And yet it is this feeling of total immersion that I strive for through my art. Time, preparation and planning needs to be given to get to a place both physically and mentally, where intuition, creativity and the subconscious can take over and I can be truly ‘in the moment’.


    Being immersed in a particular landscape can create a sense of connection that I try to rediscover in the studio.  I travel to places such as the Thames foreshore and coasts of Cornwall and Kent and revel in exposure to weather, expansive skies, tides and turbulent water.  When working I am trying to find a visual metaphor for the sensation of momentum and shifting light, rather than depict a particular place.I m m e r s i o n  is a new body of work exploring light, repetition, rhythm and movement.