Tuesday, April 25, 2017
12:00 AM
Old Paradise Yard ' 20 Carlisle Ln / Royal Street corner / Archbishop's park, London SE1 7LG

Mother House London – Open day , an opportunity for everyone to come and engage the space, ask any question and connect with other artists.
Mother House is the UK’s First Flexible Artist Studio With Integrated Childcare, Where Children Are Invited Into the workspace

A theatre show and activites for children will be organised for the day by Elisa Fontana. 

The model aims to help mothers who are artists, creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs, providing an inspiring space to allow them to continue working whilst nurturing engaged parenting.

Motherhouse’s approach was built on observations regarding childcare provision:
– Childcare remains under-funded and scarce
– Childcare models are invariably based on separating child from mother; mother from care and child from the workplace
– Childcare is costly and not suited to families and women with flexible work and/or low incomes

Motherhouse creates two interconnected spaces:
1) Studio space for professional arts practice in the form of an open art studio. The space is organised in assigned sections that fit the needs of artists working in different mediums and forms.
2) Space houses activities organised specifically for children, guided and supervised by a dedicated team.

For more info visit the website or contact us at [email protected]