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Stuck and curious? Looking in the time of corona? Neologic is a virtual exhibition that emerged in these circumstances as galleries, museums, and artists (re)consider the potential of online platforms as a legitimate space to show works and present ideas, building on the traditions and legacies of net art.

Neologic (2019/20) is a series of short videos featuring online acronyms as geometric puzzles. The work aims to explore network-based communications with its neologisms by dissecting popular and obscure initialisms found across the internet, presented as abstractions using visual compositions of shapes, patterns, and colours with sound from morse code signal.

Using Instagram as an accessible, ready-made, digital project space, this independent exhibition shows a body of work that encourages online viewers to ‘crack the code’ and decipher messages sent everyday through mobile and remote exchanges, which can in this context be shared to connect with others via tags or direct messages. At the very least, these audio-visual compositions can serve as random distractions in this strange time of self-isolation and physical distancing.

See the exhibition here: