Friday, November 20, 2020
07:00 PM
Across UK
sally lemsford

An invitation to a virtual dinner party, to share and listen to stories. In aid of the Bridport Refugee Support Campaign, we suggest donations of £5 and more. – Choose one of your significant vessels – Make some food you have not made before – Draw or photograph your plate + food + recipe (to be made into a collaborative zine; all participants will receive a FREE copy) As we eat, we’ll share our old vessel/new recipe stories. Up to 30 people can join the dinner party on FRIDAY 20 NOVEMBER 2020, at 7-8:30pm on Zoom . CONTACT SEAFAIR if you wish to be a Storyteller: [email protected] We have space for 12 people to tell their stories, in 3-5 minutes each. (everyone else will be muted) Afterwards, email us your photos/drawings & stories then we’ll create a collective zine. You’ll be featured in this and receive a free copy. Sales of surplus zines will be added to this fundraising pot for Bridport Refugee Support Campaign. (info on fb). We hope to continue supporting/working with refugees to make artwork/poetry/zines to sell. We hope this will be the start of ongoing conversations. Once you’ve signed up to this event via Eventbrite , you’ll be emailed a Zoom link just before it starts.