Initially Camden Arts Centre and thereafter at participating Artists' studios
Saturday, August 10, 2019
Thursday, November 10, 2022
North London or within reach of Northern line tube
Katy Sayers Green

I am looking to form a group of 10/12 Fine Artists to meet once a month to support each other’s Artistic practice and career development.  I am looking for people who are committed to their own Artistic development and who would also commit to such a group on a monthly basis.  Participating artists need to have completed a BA/MA in Fine Art and to have been working on own and outside of a formal setting for at least 7 years. My own work could be described as a form of figurative abstraction and I am primarily a Painter.   It might be helpful if there is a link between our work.  My next body of work is planned round the theme of Climate Change.  I am recently on Instagram @katy_sayers_green  In the first instance we could form ourselves around Camden Arts Centre and apply for their Peer Mentoring Forum opportunity; although this is by competitive entry.  My vision is that this Group should be an ongoing endeavour, where we give critical feedback to each other and possibly later down the line, discuss related issues too, such as Exhibiting.   I have a studio in my garden and would be prepared to host on occasion and we could visit each other’s studios after the introductory period at Camden Arts Centre.   I would like to set this up with a proper structure and we can research structures for giving and receiving critical feedback.  A peer mentoring group could be a helpful tool in developing our own practices and there is huge strength in a group.  The group would start this Autumn and run indefinitely; the form forces me to choose specific dates for starting and ending but in reality this has not been fixed yet.  Drop me a note if you are interested via text message – 07951 415699