Yellow Edge Gallery
Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Sunday, April 25, 2021
107 Stoke Road, Gosport, PO12 1LR
South East England
Jess Curtis and Chloe Davies

‘Power To Us’ is a dynamic, all-female exhibition at the Yellow Edge Gallery, Gosport, that showcases the works of 13 emerging artists. These works will offer valuable insight into how young, contemporary, female artists are currently navigating the modern world, and how the outputs of their creative endeavours are engaged in diversifying the arts scene for all women.
This group show is made up of 13 women to watch – Chloe Davies, Lucy Carter, Amy Standing, Jazmine Saunders, Jess Curtis, Megan Georgia Smith, Caitlin Holford, Samantha Lee March, Ellen Berry-Mcintosh, Louise Hall, Esmae Dougherty-Price, Rebecca Harte, and Evie Redwood.
Individually, these artists are diverse in age, race, background, sexuality, and ultimately, stages in their artistic careers (the artists involved are Fine Art undergraduates, post-graduates, or established art workshop leaders and educators). Collectively, their works will respond to themes such as femininity and the female form, nature and spirituality, critiques of capitalism, control, and working-class struggle, notions of ambiguity and the lived black British experience.
Through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, performance and new media-based work, this exhibition will champion equality and diversity within the contemporary arts scene, and hopes to become part of a bigger conversation about how we can work to dismantle male-led power structures within art, making way for female artists of all calibres.
‘Power To Us’ will be exhibiting at the Yellow Edge Gallery in Gosport 14th – 25th April 2021.