AirSpace Gallery
Monday, June 3, 2019
Friday, June 28, 2019
4 Broad Street City Centre
West Midlands
AirSpace Gallery

Who is it for? What is to be done? You & Me, we’re putting into action the fleeting chats and in-depth conversations, down the pub, on the street and in the gallery – because public isn’t a solo-act.

Public – You & Me is a test-bed project open to all. Inviting artists and designers to share their modes of cultural production and the public to take part through discussion, workshop and events. In The Company She Keeps, Celine Condorelli describes this as ‘making things public: the process of connecting things, establishing relationships, which in many ways means befriending issues, people, contexts.’ It’s about friendship being a form of solidarity.

Over four-weeks, AirSpace Gallery is activated as a space for You & Me: a place for artists, makers, neighbours and visitors to participate in this test-bed project. Public – You & Me will mobilise, make visible and extend the work currently done by AirSpace, establishing a fresh public programme for its audience.

So, what is to be done?

Taking AirSpace Gallery’s Artist Led and Action Research approach, the project takes three strands:

1. TO QUESTION (talks/discussion)
2. TO LEARN/UNLEARN (workshops/seminars)
3. TO ACT (performances/events).

This project of multidisciplinary arts activity – a series of workshops, talks and socials – sees us work with Plane Structures to collaboratively design and co-build reusable furniture for the gallery. Artists Kate Owens and Ed Pickstone are delivering workshops which challenge our perception of print, while Rose Nordin from OOMK joins us to co-create zines which promote the autonomy of each and every member of our growing community.

Throughout, the Gallery is open for public-use with the guidance of lead artists Rebecca Davies and Selina Oakes, both of whom are also working in the space. The building is activated further through a series of Weekly Socials where we welcome Phoebe Davies (Synaptic Island) for an evening of sound and music and performers from Figs in Wigs for a closing party extravaganza.

It’s your space, my space, our space. Public – You & Me.

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