Whitespace Gallery -
Thursday, June 23, 2016
Thursday, June 30, 2016
76 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, EH8
Whitespace Gallery

From the 23rd June – 30th June (12-6pm)
With evening event to celebrate the opening on the 23rd 6pm-9pm.
Installed in the newly relocated Whitespace Gallery, an exhibition of new work by two Edinburgh based artists…..

2016 marks 30 years since the original launch date for television to be beamed into our homes through satellites, yet as technology develops, so too has our means, mode and method of interactive entertainment.

As such, Wilson and Kaii’s works together, explore the diffusion gradient of information mixed with entertainment, and the resulting illusions, both transparent and conceited, so widely prized for its ephemeral catharsis effects.

M.H.Kaii’s sculptures in metal and wood solidify the transient means of delivery of digital transmission, rapture and ruptures within communities.

Whilst Stephanie Wilson’s interplay between light, materials and moving images composes the garish and gaudy gestures of recurring spectacle, intact with all its glimmers, glints and glitches.

Together their works develop and expand a dialogue inspired by everyday digital interactions.

Thanks to our friends at Waitrose for their support in providing opening night refreshments and receptacles. Razzmatazz will serve a rich Italian red and a chilled white, from their vegan friendly wine range .