Sunday, June 9, 2019
Sunday, June 16, 2019
36 Ashley Road, London N19 3AF

Space36 has invited nine artists to construct beauty in the performance of their art practice, to discover or invent a jagged notion of beauty that is appropriate for our times.

We want to open up the idea of beauty- going beyond traditional notions of ideal form and good taste, or the avantgarde’s suspicion of beauty as ideologically complicit with political power, to even more ancient ideas of the beautiful as an ethical way of being human.

In the exhibition, the artists position beauty as variously performative, democratic, subversive, and not limited to the visual.  Christina Lovey’s and Lisa Kreuziger’s participative works underline the democratic, open ended nature of beauty; Marta Pieregonczuk, La Liana  and Tom Hackett play with classical notions of beauty and the pleasures and pains of attempting to fix desire; Liz Brown, Ahmed Farooqui and Louise Scillitoe-Brown experiment in the field of the visual while Jeannette Abi Khalil questions the privilege that is accorded the visual over the cognitive in western discourse.

For two weekends only: 8/9th and 15/16th June, 2-6pm.

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