Friday, December 11, 2009
Saturday, January 30, 2010
39 Wyndham Arcade, Mill Lane, Cardiff CF10 1FH

Acclaimed artist Richard Bevan has produced two site-specific film works to be shown at g39 throughout the winter, continuing an exhibition programme exploring relationships between art and cinema as a gallery based medium. Richard’s work often deals with the tension between film as a medium and light as its agent. For this show, Richard has revisited the galleries past, transforming its frontal aesthetics into those of a recent yet bygone era using baby-blue paint and the coarse appearance of 16mm film, this ephemeral transformation is now confined to the realm of the screen. The resulting work sees a continuation in Bevan’s employment of analogue and time-restrictive technology. A film installation in two parts, a motionless signature film unmistakable of the stillness of Richard’s recent work occupies the ground floor, the first floor offers a camera-led movement through the bowels and backrooms of an artist run space, via a cast-iron staircase (a hidden structural spine of g39), adorned by Bevan with the paint of five primary colours to a rainbow-like effect, manifested from Bevan’s previous works. Bevan’s work sidesteps the nostalgic trappings of film and offers the viewer the chance to experience a lyrical and contemporary aspect of the medium’s processes. Screened simultaneously, each film works illustrates Bevan’s discerning use of treasured technologies.