Mission Gallery
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Sunday, April 2, 2017
Gloucester Place, Swansea SA1 1TY
Mission Gallery

Sarah Worgan’s ceramic practice is compelled by the versatility as well as the discreteness of clay as a medium. Her work seeks to challenge conditioned and habitual perceptions of what clay can be, as well as those perceptions often ascribed to painting and sculpture. Via her ‘objects as paintings’ and ‘paintings as objects,’ she creates interplay between two and three dimensions whilst seeking to evoke a fourth. She also describes her ceramic works as ‘abstract ceramic paintings in sculptural form’ through which she explores potentials from position of form, space and colour via reciprocal process with the medium of clay rather than to overly condition the clay via intent.
The diverse nature of her methods of construction, colour compositions and positioning of her ceramic works, whether grouped accordingly or presented individually, urges both discrete and versatile perspective around structure as well as medium. In this vein particular stimulus comes from a certain appreciation, but also a questioning of ‘modern’ art and its values.
Influence has come from a variety of sources, such as the modernist sculptures of Barbara Hepworth, the colour field paintings of Ellsworth Kelly, the frescos of Renaissance painters Giotto and Fra Angelico and the allusory ceramics of Alison Britton – with particular appreciation of the capacity of such work to afford wider three dimensional experience, in conjunction with Sarah’s own fascination with the diverse potentials of clay to do the same.
Often abstractly referencing locational context, content and experience – such as growing up in the town of Port Talbot with its ‘multifaceted landscape,’ – her ceramic works are compelling static structures whilst also being continual and changing picture spaces to be experienced and negotiated, always considering such rich analogy in the discrete yet versatile medium of clay itself.