The Dean Clough Galleries
Saturday, July 6, 2019
Sunday, September 1, 2019
Dean Clough. Halifax. HX3 5AX
Arts Charity at Dean Clough

This exhibition brings together two painters who live and work at either end of the M62 Trans-Pennine motorway whose paintings and drawings both deal with how human activity has impacted on the landscape. Chrissy Collinson has a forensic eye for the details of the hidden urban routes and street furniture of her home city of Hull, and the intervention of the unseen citizen. Josie Jenkins lives and works in Liverpool. She brings a wider, perhaps more global, view of our consumerist activity as seen first-hand from her time spent in the world’s largest container port of Shanghai in China. The size of their artworks reflects the respective undertakings of each artist: Josie uses size to highlight her wonder at the process of painting and diversity of sources, whilst Chrissy can draw the eye to the beauty of the effect of time and nature on her neighbours’ attempts at security. The shipping container, a box for moving objects and stuff, seems a fitting motif for the artists’ mutual undertakings and the inevitable ‘course’ of this junk ‘empire’.