Tuesday, February 5, 2019
Friday, March 1, 2019
54b/c Bute Street, Cardiff, CF10 5AF

This exhibition is a partnership project with Disability Arts Cymru. These artists all possess a particular voice and a form of articulation. Some use their art to reflect upon their various disabilities, sometimes through humour, sometimes as critique or as challenge. Some are investigating material itself through their own physical capabilities or are using materiality as metaphor. They are artists who all show serious commitment to developing their own ‘voice’ and furthering their individual practices. There is no overall conceptual criteria or thematic link other than all of the artists being members of DAC, and the exhibition will highlight their particularities and individual strengths.

Vivi-Mari Carpelan is a Finnish artist who relocated to Mid-Wales in 2010. She is a photographer and a mixed media artist with a preference for paper. She has also produced videos and soundscapes. She pursued academic and artistic educations in Finland, UK and France, and her work has been exhibited in several countries. ‘My artistic work expresses paradox as a key to change, transition and transformation. As a marginalised person with a condition that is mostly invisible to others, it’s especially important for me to help make the invisible visible.’

Lou Lockwood is a Welsh artist working in sculpture audio and film. The direction of her work is in response to her need to adapt to sight loss and to develop a language in art that aims to bring sighted and non sighted audiences together through their multi sensory experience of the work.

Gemma Jayne Paine is a Welsh artist working with textiles and collage. Her recent work takes the form of tributes to women such as Rosie the Riveter, and women in the entertainment industry, incorporating the witten word  and poetry.

Jo Shapland is a Welsh artist who produces work in a variety of media. The essence of all her work is dance and her work has been seen internationally. Her present research is Curatrix: researching rite and ceremony through nature connection in relation to community and the creation of art.

Rachael Wellbeing is a Welsh artist who currently works with paint and paper pulp. Rachael’s practice is semi autobiographical, using either her own experiences of being a former circus performer, climbing and meditation instructor now with ” invisible disabilities”, or collaborating with the experiences of others, interpreting, narrating and translating their valued experiences into expressive and engaging creations.

Jan Williams  is a Welsh artist based in Cardiff and is currently the Chair of the Kings Road Artist’s Studios. Her practice focuses on concerns with memory, identity, the marking of the passage of time and ambiguity of transitional states. Interests she explores through the medium of paint, photography, film and installation. The use of lime wash is significant in her practice