Mackintosh Gallery
Saturday, August 16, 2008
Saturday, October 11, 2008
The Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfrew Street Glasgow G3 6RQ

An exhibition selected from the body of work completed by Steven Campbell in the twelve months before his untimely death in August 2007.The exhibition comprises paintings and some drawings and represents Campbell’s preoccupations with filmic form, literary themes, adventure life and death continued to be explored with his customary urgency and energy. Campbell in many ways embodied the romantic ethos, a nineteenth century dandy practicing in the post-modern era. He worked to tirelessly produce a significant output of new work throughout the last 25 years reflecting an imagination and dedication to practice in evidence to his final days. The exhibition continues in the Glasgow Print Studio gallery, King Street. There will be a catalogue of new, commissioned essays to accompany both exhibitions. *Orfeo, Montiverdi