Participate Artspace Shrewsbury
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Saturday, February 23, 2019
32 34 Riverside,, Raven Meadows, Shrewsbury
West Midlands
Participate Artspace Gallery CIC, Shrewsbury

I have made a vibrant collection of recent abstract paintings, developing a way of responding to the world which includes a secret – yet recognisable – language of colour and mark, both joyful and dark.

I made this work while exploring my own altered consciousness and then discovered the US artist Cy Twombly who has been a strong influence. The work in this exhibition has been driven by my passionate need to develop my privacy in a life closely monitored by carers.

The video ‘Sewing Box’ graphically expresses the slippery grip we have on memory and is particularly significant to me as I have short term memory loss.

                                                             Grace Currie February 2018

Grace Currie is in her mid-twenties and is currently a BA Fine Art student at Chester University School of Art.