National Art Museum of China
Sunday, September 24, 2017
Sunday, October 15, 2017
National Art Museum of China, Beijing

I have had a large painting selected for this prestigious Biennale. The theme was ‘the Silk Road and World’s Civilisations’ and initially we had to submit a PowerPoint presentation with an outline of the proposed work. My watercolour sketch was accepted and I painted my Silk Road interpretation on canvas with acrylic and spray paint. It is called ‘The Silk Road and Human Exchange.’  I imagined my canvas to be a piece of yellow silk with various activities delineated across it and references to ancient buildings.  I wanted the sky to be like yellow silk blowing in the wind to represent the movement of ideas from one country to another.

I am one of three artists representing the UK. I have been invited to Beijing for the Opening Ceremony on the 24th September and the Symposium on 25th September.

My painting is 120 x 160 cm.