Graham Hunter Gallery
Monday, March 16, 2020
Sunday, March 29, 2020
81 Baker Street London W1U 6RQ Opening hours: Mon-Fri – 9.30 – 6pm; Sat – 10 – 5pm; Sun 11 – 4pm
Graham Hunter Gallery

The Graham Hunter Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition curated by Angela Smith. The exhibition features the work of four London based artists and runs from 16 March to 29 March, with an opportunity to meet the artists at the private view on 19 March 2020.

‘The Alchemist’s Garden’ is an exhibition of paintings that celebrates storytelling and imagination.

Abigail Lipski’s paintings are of mysterious lands where childhood reverie blurs with music, myth and fairy tale in the form of beguiling women, strange plants and the odd Llama.

Angela Smith’s series of the backs of women hints at ‘Untold Stories’ whilst her use of bright colour and flat patterns invoke atmosphere and emotion.

Antonia Jackson creates a strange poetic world half-remembered, half-imagined, based on photographic stills from family home movies. Antonia redefines the images using vibrant colours and fluid brushstrokes. The resulting in paintings that resemble the quality of a film negative and reflects the fragility of memory.

Val Wolstenholme Clay creates atmospheric and magical landscapes inspired by her time living in Rome. She uses landscapes as a starting point, adding a figure or a suggestion of architecture to give the paintings a sense of place, mood and story.