The Art Of Revolution Exhibition
Monday, September 4, 2017
Saturday, September 30, 2017
The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich, Norfolk,Below the War memorial, City Hall, St Peters St, Norwich market, NR2 1NH
East England
The Undercroft Gallery, Norwich

100 years ago the Socialist Revolution in Russia brought radical approaches in art to the world.

Why don’t we stop for a moment, take a look back and risk plunging into the world of revolutionary art? We will see its relevance for today but through the lens of new technologies and media.

History is coloured by artists marking the turning points of epochs for generations to come.

Revolutions can be silent, stormy or invisible. When we mention the word revolution we immediately think of the destruction of old orders and beliefs but artists are in the avant garde, leading cultural change and establishing new principles. This is the power of visual art. The Art of Revolution.

And the 21st century? Do we have complete freedom? Revolution with no canons and blurred ideologies?

Have we been misled by modernism and post modernism? Can art surprise and create something radical now? I don’t think so.

Art is becoming more elusive, unreal, virtual, immaterial. No-one can be shocked by formaldehyde animals anymore. But it can be shocking if you take a brush and go back to traditions, back to the origins and to past revolutions.

Pictures reveal the inner world, even if they are of an external reality. Artists strive to encompass human nature therefore we cannot exclude the dark, the gruesome and the tragic depicted with terrifying frankness. Now is an era of revolutionary change and global transformation.