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Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Sunday, July 19, 2020
Online Silent Auction via Jumblebee, The Hot LockTin Auction
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The Hot Tin

The Hot Tin is struggling to survive lockdown but with the help of the
fantastically talented artists, musicians and crafts people in Faversham and far beyond, who have made The Hot Tin what it is, we are starting to fight back.

The Hot LockTin Auction has a diverse selection of lots on offer. Bespoke stained glass, photography, sculpture and workshops to name a few. It is a showcase of what The Hot Tin stands for.

Have a look here:

The Hot Tin is home to Route Stock, and is an important venue for the social, art and music communities of Faversham and beyond. With connections through out Kent, the UK and globally it has become a cultural hub.

If we act together, we can prevent The Hot Tin facing permanent closure, as it’s becoming clear that it will be a considerable time before we can reopen our doors. We need help to meet accumulating running costs and severe losses, until we open again.
We know that times are difficult and uncertain for everyone and any support you can give us, however small, is of great help. The funds raised will be used to help keep The Hot Tin a cultural hub that is accessible to all.