DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery
Thursday, October 15, 2015
Sunday, January 10, 2016
Aykley Heads Durham DH1 5TU
North East England
DLI Museum and Art Gallery

Using Xbox Kinect technology, see how your movements affect a multi-coloured field of butterflies. Listen for the melodic sounds of the birdhouses as they respond to your presence. Use a magic watering can to make a pea tree really grow. And can you find the caterpillar before it transforms into a butterfly?

From birds to butterflies, pollinators are critically important to life on our planet. Without our help, however, their populations will continue to decline as a result of numerous causes including loss of  habitat, pests and pathogens, and exposure to pesticides.

People of all ages and communities can help providing habitat for pollinators. We encourage you to get involved and take practical actions to help wildlife. Perhaps you could provide space for nature in your garden by placing a bird house or planting flowers to attract bees and butterflies. You can play a huge role in reversing population declines.

Created by Aether & Hemera; artists who like to mix light with digital media to connect people with their environment. They hope visitors to the exhibition will share interactive experiences, enjoy its beauty and take away lasting memories.