R-Space Gallery
Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Saturday, June 16, 2012
32 Castle Street Lisburn
Northern Ireland

MAK9, a group of artists and makers, have invaded the R-Space Gallery in Lisburn with site specific works that have fed off the rich history of the dilapidated Georgian rectory attached to the newly renovated gallery. The exhibition, Things That Fall In Between, runs from Wednesday 16 May until Saturday 16 June 2012, at R-Space Gallery, 32 Castle Street, Lisburn.The official opening takes place on Saturday 19 May 2012, 2pm to 4pm.For Things That Fall In Between, MAK9 invited artists and makers to immerse themselves in the surroundings and explore the untouched historic and visual textures in the upper and lower areas of the building. The work on show ranges in scale and impact, such as the incidental but beautifully crafted bugs by maker Lotus De Wit, where individual hand crafted flies and cockroaches festoon a bathroom. Alice Clark peeled layers of history within her hanging latex curtains and Sharon Adams’s ‘tools’, are shaped to clean the dust in the ornate mouldings and cornices.Gail Mahon, one of the MAK9 steer group, revealed, ”this unusual opportunity for makers and artists to get under the skin of the building and draw out the stories and character, has made the journey of creating work in response to the space so much more meaningful and authentic”.