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Wednesday, November 11, 2020
Sunday, January 17, 2021
North East England
MIMA (posted by Sonia Boué)

Image from Sonia Boué’s Safe as Houses photographic series commissioned by Aidan Moesby for the Thresholds Online Exhibition at MIMA. 

Thresholds explores the impact of Covid-19 on our relationship to home.

This online exhibition of three new commissions responds to the current crisis, using the digital landscape as context and medium. Situating the exhibition online was an active choice that influenced the production and presentation of the project.

Artists Sonia Boué, Lindsay Duncanson and Catriona Gallagher have developed intensely personal work. Evocative and redolent, these films and photographs speak about our often conflicted and complicated relationship with home under the current circumstances.

Boué documents her move to a new studio, occupying the space with one object after another. Often cherished since childhood, the objects have acted as an emotional anchor through these unsettling transitional times. Duncanson contends with a massive shift in scale, exchanging vast rural landscapes for the domestic spaces of her home. Gallagher attempts to navigate towards her homes in Greece and Northumberland while stuck in a hinterland between both.

Each commission began with a conversation between curator Aidan Moesby and the artist about how the period of lockdown and the easing of restrictions had impacted their lives and practices. These exchanges continued throughout the commissioning process as a source of provocation and reflection.