That Art Gallery
Monday, April 20, 2020
Friday, May 22, 2020
2 Upper Maudlin Street, Bristol, BS2 8DJ
South West England
That Art Gallery

Sub­mit up to 3 pho­tographs that you’ve tak­en dur­ing the COVID-19 pandemic. It could be of an artwork you’ve made, a portrait of those you’re sharing your home with, a landscape or an interior still life… Anything that’s been inspired by the change in your lifestyle brought on by COVID-19.


Selected submissions will be printed using our ‘Polaroid Lab’ & then prints will be displayed in the windows of That Art Gallery at 2 Upper Maudlin St, Bristol and online*.

tip : the colour & quality of images will change during the printing process… most people are aware of the Polaroid ‘look’ & should consider this when submitting images.

Only the name given on the form will be displayed with your image/s. Your social media @ will be shared if/when your image is posted on our social media and website. * If this project is a success, prints of exhibited images may be available to buy, with all profits to be split equally between the photographer & a local COVID-19 charity. If this happens then all involved will be contacted.