Saabat Gallery
Thursday, February 15, 2018
10:30 AM
83 Normanby Road South Bank Redcar and Cleveland
North East England

Between Redcar Road and Hampden Street areas of South Bank were demolished. Residents were relocated with the promise of return once regeneration and rebuilding was completed. In the meantime, the demolished areas were ‘greened’ – turfed over with topsoil and planted with grass. Yet, the streets remain. Complete with streetlights, tarmac, kerbs and traffic calming schemes, they hold on to the past and the promise of future development. But what about their present use? Currently dog walkers and learner drivers make use of the streets, alongside out of hours and ‘anti-social’ activities. In the context of current urgent debates around the future of housing, place-making, community and cultural identity, what new uses can we propose that both respond to and build on social need while offering playful propositions for the streets’ current situation in between past use and future development.

Join local artist Adrian Moule and Transition17 artist Helen Stratford for a walk, discussion and proposals for 12 uses for 12 empty streets.

Places limited to Twelve, lunch included. Please email Adrian Moule at [email protected] to reserve your place.