Ocean View Studio Gallery
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
Monday, November 30, 2020
Ocean View Dungeness Road
South East England
Helen Gillilan

The new show has been created just before and during the pandemic. At the beginning of the Covid-19 alert – I had a strong vision of a unicorn on the beach and so wrote the passage below.

I saw a unicorn today.

It first appeared in the far distance on the misty bay.

The dog and I stood to watch as the beast moved along the line of the outgoing tide towards us.

Sunlight shone rainbow droplets through a flying mane and flag end tail as its thunderous hooves crashed through the gently rippling water. As it came closer I was filled with fear; what I had thought to be a fine white horse was this wondrous creature, with its sharply pointed horn gleaming like a sword carved from mother of pearl.

We stood stock still, frozen as the unicorn veered tumultuously towards us – passing so close that we sensed the heat from its shining flanks and felt the breeze in its wake.

With explosive force it mounted the shingle bank, blasting pebbles in a roaring avalanche as it clambered the steep wall of stones.

Then it was gone.

As we dazedly walked towards home and safety. I realised that it had spoken to me as it passed, burying its message in my mind.

I am powerful, resourceful and emblematic.
I am the giver of life
The curer of disease
I am alone, live alone, travel alone…
I don’t exist.

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