Up The Wall at 31
Thursday, May 21, 2020
Tuesday, June 30, 2020
31 Grosvenor Road, Norwich Nr2 2PZ
East England

Norwich photographers go up the wall in lockdown!

In response to the loss of their exhibitions program to the Lockdown Julia Cameron and Simon Marshall have created a public gallery and hung large pictures on canvas on the outside wall of their city house.

“All our exhibitions are in doubt for the foreseeable future and we wanted a way to take our work out in public. We have long considered the side of our house as a potential gallery space and now is the obvious time to use it.”

“We create work that we want to be seen, to be physically out in the world, this is a way of making it happen in these strange times. We are interested in the opportunities to hang outside the exhibition circuit created by the new normal and how we engage with new audiences.”

The intention is to keep a rolling program of work, changing as the opportunity, and perhaps the health situation, changes.