Lady Lever Art Gallery
Saturday, December 1, 2007
Sunday, March 16, 2008
Port Sunlight Village, Wirral, CH62 5EQ
North West England

An age of creativity, experimentation and romance is on display in 'Victorian Visions 19th century photography' at the Lady Lever Art Gallery.The exhibition contains around 40 original photographs and offers a fascinating insight into the Victorian view of the world. The images, from the V&A’s collection, include those by major names such as Julia Margaret Cameron, Lady Hawarden, Roger Fenton, Francis Frith, Robert Howlett and B.B. Turner. National Museums Liverpool curators have selected images that complement the Lady Lever Art Gallery’s outstanding collection of Victorian art. The photographs provide interesting points of comparison to many of the paintings on display.Highlights include arresting photographs by female artists who did not allow the restrictions of Victorian society to prevent them staking out new perimeters in photography. Julia Margaret Cameron’s works echo the Lady Lever Art Gallery’s Pre-Raphaelite paintings in their romantic subject matter. Lady Hawarden’s intense photographs of female sitters, often her own daughters, make use of natural light, reflections and a careful choice of viewpoint and props.