Norfolk Street Arts Sunderland
Friday, February 14, 2020
Friday, March 13, 2020
Norfolk Street Arts CIC 31 Norfolk Street Sunderland SR1 1EE
North East England
Norfolk Street Arts

Before i go to far into the work I put together for the show, I will state that you can ignore my words. I as an artist understand that by me showing my work in a gallery I am giving it away yo you the public, the people who read this and those that do not. But for those that stand in front of the work. See that art talks where the artist can not. So on that note while you are in front of it go where your mind wants too. I will however help out for those that want it and insert some references behind where I am as an artist and where my mind was when i was marking the work. Help build you a narrative. These are opening statement as my answer are in the work.

  1. Art is a language, my own relationship with dyslexia and process information in a different way (Atypical). Started off my thinking on this, the fascination as to how we all process the information that flies past us each day.

  2. Myths, the telling of myths historically, modern and personally. The literal of taking the old myths and characters from literature then using their narrative in a contemporary context.

  3. There is a want to understand the working of us humans (the hairless ape, animal). Focus on are mental or philosophical world, the world we create more than the physical world we live in, ie. looking at are social behaviour.

  4. The use of materials discusses the value of art and its worth.

  5. Playing with the positioning of work to talk to the subconscious (the grand and maybe naive and over ambitious aim).

  6. The history of art. The role of art today (the role of me personally as an artist). The use of historical pieces (mainly paintings) as a reference, to talk of their grandeur. Playing with the ideas of the old masters.

  7. The task, the labour. is a starting point, the use of drawing is to use my one person’s hands making it personally almost like a signature¬† (hard to fake are copy). Much like Michelangelo Sistine Chapel is his signature on the world. Well the was were the idea was born about ten years ago, but i’m still using drawing as to show ans talk about labour intensive works.

I hope that this helps and please enjoy the work.


Stuart Mel Wilson