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Executive Assistant

We’re looking for an exceptional Executive Assistant to join our core staff team to support a-n in its mission and as we celebrate our 40th anniversary.

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Untitled blog post from "Keeping It Going"

HOPE:  ambition, aspiration, expectation to desire, to wish, to aim, to plan, to dream, to daydream a longing, a yearning, a craving, a hankering   ‘HOPE’ Kate Murdoch, 2020   Some time in early July, at a point when I just couldn’t seem to focus on getting […]

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Killing off an idea

I’m going with the idea of filming the materials dropping onto the floor because I think that direction has more potential than drawing the shapes on Adobe Illustrator. This is because there’s more avenues I could explore with, for example […]

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Blog Artist

Three Points Press

Rabbits Road Press (London) Granby Press (Liverpool) and Tender Hands Press (Glasgow) are delighted to be working together as an Artist Make Change Peer Learning Group. Through creating a working group, we are keen to share best practice about how […]

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Job Exhibiting

open call

open call, for artists and writers each month for online zine


Head of Young Associates Programme

Open School East are seeking to recruit a Head of Young Associates Programme to build on the successes of its pilot year.