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Gallery commissions as expenses

Can anyone answer this one for me? Do commissions on gallery sales count as an allowable business expense? I’m struggling to find any reference to this online, and this seems to fall in the gaps of the basic hmrc guidance. […]

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Scholarship applications for spring/summer 2022

The New Centre announces two sets of Scholarships in the beginning of each academic Season. However, non-scholarship applications are accepted on a rolling basis and students can join at any time through the year while waiting to apply for the next announced Scholarships.


Open Screen 2022: Open Call

Developed in partnership with Shape Arts in 2021, Open Screen seeks proposals for existing works that respond to the theme of Sci-Fi.


Open call: The Foundation of Lower Saxony grant

The Foundation of Lower Saxony grant at the Edith-Russ-Haus for Media Art supports a wide spectrum of media art, from video art and net-based projects to audio works and audio-visual installations.