BA (Hons) in Textile Design, Glasgow School of Art

I have welcomed having more time to experiment in my final year, growing in confidence through the process of trial and error with certain techniques. Having reached my fourth year, I now have a more sophisticated technical knowledge of the subject, which means I can communicate my ideas through textiles more effectively. This is important to me as I am always extremely motivated by my initial research and maintaining a clear sense of the project’s roots is vital.

My final year project uses the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh building as its starting point, working from imagery of the building’s post fire interior, gathered during site visits. I’ve also been inspired by a selection of Japanese Ukiyo-e woodblock prints which informed Rennie Mackintosh’s design.

I have chosen to work with technical fabrics, natural fibres, plastics and also woods, inspired by the building in its current restoration phase, where natural wood and stone are now covered in a wealth of synthetic fibres. I aim to create prints that consider the possibility of depth, interesting colour harmony and pursue trying to find a marriage between hand craft and digital techniques.

I’ve worked with fabric manipulation, rust dyeing, digitally printing on wood and screen print techniques in an attempt to push the form that printed textiles can take. Although extremely varied in process, I hope my collection comes across to people as a cohesive body of textiles that are completely interlinked and people will engage with the project.

I’m also hoping that our show might give someone the notion to take up textiles themselves.

The degree show is the biggest platform I have had. I would hope that it opens gateways to interesting conversations and knowledge of new opportunities in the arts.

My plan after graduation is to continue to build upon techniques I have developed in my fourth year through funding applications and residencies. I would like to travel but I always feel lucky to call Glasgow, a city with such a vibrant art, my home.

Degree show: 2-8 June.

Erin McQuarrie, manipulated rust dyed silk.

Erin McQuarrie, printed and bonded fabrics.

1. Erin McQuarrie, fabric visualisations.
2: Erin McQuarrie, manipulated rust dyed silk.
3: Erin McQuarrie, printed and bonded fabrics.