BA (Hons) Fine Art, University of Gloucestershire

“In my first year I was introduced to etching and printmaking, which have given me a new visual language and allow me to spend time in the process of making. I have developed an interest in place and memory, and have begun to explore conversations between the historic meanings of landscape and our current interactions with particular places.

For my degree show I am creating a set of etchings that take a contemporary approach to landscape and attempt to evoke the sense of rediscovering its lost layers of history and lore. The prints are fragmented through stencilling and multiple layers that suggest something transitory, similar to what I feel when recalling – but not being able to clearly see – places in my mind.

My hope is that an audience will be able to understand the disorientation that comes through this recollection, but also feel the presence of the landscape. The works are part of a series that make a portrait of a place, the feeling of being in it, and knowing it.

My degree show will be the first large-scale show that I will have been a part of. I’m looking forward to seeing my works in the space and to working with my peers to curate a show that exhibits our work to its full potential.

After graduation I am applying for a Masters degree in several London schools, and looking forward to testing my work and developing my practice outside of the university environment.”
1. Evie Morris, Masts of Cleeve Common, 10 x 29 cm, Etching, 2019.
2. Evie Morris, Vantage Point, 15 x 25 cm, Etching, 2019.

Interview by Ellen Wilkinson