Figurative Sculpture Diploma, Heatherley School of Fine Art, London.

Kamilia Anna Harchi says:

“As an artist I approach my work as a storyteller, where either the characters or sculptures are representing a narrative. I work predominantly in the medium of figurative hyperrealistic sculpture, constructed from a wide variety of media including yet not limited to; wax, silicone, clay, hair and resin. My works often explore the subjects of myths, folklore and objecthood, reflecting my interest in theatre, performance and body.”

Instagram: @xbonanza

Degree show: Heatherleys Graduate Diploma Exhibitions, 21-24 July 2021.

1. Kamilia Anna Harchi, Untitled 1, clay, 2021.
2. Kamilia Anna Harchi, Ode to psoriasis, fired terracotta, wood, metal, 2020.
3. Kamilia Anna Harchi, Untitled 2, clay, 2021.
4. Kamilia Anna Harchi, Work in progress, clay 2021.