BA Fine Art, Sheffield Hallam University.

Molly Pemberton discusses her degree show work:

“With a heavy emphasis on the handmade, my practice explores the notion in which the escalation in digital technology composes our understanding of reality. Utilising craft-based activities, I aim to demonstrate tactility and materiality, for it is this that separates the handmade from the digital.

“Most recently, my practice has concerned itself with tackling the proliferation of digital imagery enabled by the immediacy of the Internet and the way in which this information mediates reality.”

Instagram: @_molly_pemberton

Degree Show: Sheffield Hallam Art & Design Degree Show 2021 takes place online and features exhibits from graduating students across all its undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses.

1. Molly Pemberton, The Chinese Whisper Books, digital collage, 2021.
2. Molly Pemberton, The Chinese Whisper Books, handmade books, ink and embroidery on paper, 2020-21.
3. Molly Pemberton, Les Traductions, ink and embroidery on paper, 2021.