BA (Hons) Fine Art, Middlesex University.

Neda Changizi says:

“My work is based on Macro lens photography, taking pictures of small detailed sections of found textures such as rusting metal, mossy stones, cement wall, rusty screws…etc. I have been embellishing them with various materials, including drawing, collage, oil paint and also a tracing technique and this creates a sense of mapping or geology.

“The My Solar System photos are taken from tiny, rusty, damaged screws which I found around the city and then edited in photoshop to create my new world. You are invited to make your own interpretation of what you are seeing. My intention is for viewers to look differently and see the beauty surrounding them. To me beauty is everywhere.”

Instagram @ neda_changizi

Degree Show: Surivanoroc, a virtual exhibition by Middlesex University Fine Art Graduates 3-18 June 2021.

1. Neda Changizi, My Solar System, digital print. Macro photography. Photos are taken from small rusty screws and then edited in photoshop.
2. Neda Changizi, Volcano, mixed media, 29.7x42cm.
3. Neda Changizi, Seaside, mixed media, 29.7x42cm.
4. Neda Changizi, Untitled, mixed media, 42×29.7cm.