Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s

We’re marking a-n’s 40th Anniversary with a series of online publications and features that explore the a-n archive whilst celebrating artists practices now.

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For Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s, Guest Editor Black Hole Club explores topics from artist’s working rights and identity politics, to activism, digital arts practice, and accessibility.

Art-duo Ambience Factory (Sophie Bullock and Sophie Huckfield) look through an ’80s lens at what the future will hold for the artists of tomorrow, and offer a 7-point plan of ‘how to push your art career to the next level’.

Experimental artist and writer …kruse uses the languages of code and hypertext to explore the developing histories of media and digital arts from 1980 to now.

Artist Exodus Crooks speaks to Keith Piper, a key figure in the development of Black British art, and finds links to their own practice.

Artist and PhD candidate Emily Scarrott offers a fictional response through time to an artist who was lost in the ‘cultural wilderness’ in 1981, and who hoped to reconnect with other artists through a classified advert placed in an issue of Artists Newsletter.

And Larissa ShawCathy Wade and Suzi Osborn explore collective responses to artistic isolation.

The magazine-style digital publication also includes a wrap-around cover featuring a collaborative work created by designer Keith Dodds and Black Hole Club Producer Cathy Wade, plus 40 Years 40 Artists interviews with artists Sunil Gupta and Lis Rhodes, in conversation with writer Louisa Buck.

Black Hole Club is a Birmingham-based artist development programme hosted by Vivid Projects. The group was selected as Guest Editor of Artists Newsletter #1: The 1980s following an open call to a-n members in September 2020.

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Artists Newsletter #1 The 1980s