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Degrees unedited FAQs

Posting blogs FAQs

Frequently asked questions about posting blogs on Projects unedited in Artists talking.

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help & FAQs Who can post blogs in Degrees Unedited

All those with a personal login (username and password) can post blogs in Degrees unedited. This maybe a user registration or a current or expired subscription. If you access the site through a university JISC subscription or through IP authentication (single-network subscription) where the user can not be individually recognised you will be unable to make any posts to the site and you will not be shown any menus to do so. You can however still make posts by taking out a user registration.

help & FAQs How do Degrees unedited blogs differ from Artists talking blogs?

Degrees unedited blogs are for students to discuss the lead up to their degree show, revealing how things unfold.

Artists talking blogs are for artists to talk about the development of a residency, commission, exhibition, installation, collaboration, etc. revealing how things unfold from idea to realisation.

help & FAQs How do I start a Degrees unedited blog?

To start a blog you need to be either a student subscriber to a-n or a registered user. Subscribers have access to the full range of a-n resources and services. Registered users can contribute to a-n's 'unedited' features but do not get access to any of the subscriber only resources.

  • Already a subscriber or registered user? Login by entering your Username and Password.
  • Not yet a registered user? Go to
  • Not yet a student subscriber? If you are in your final year of a visual or applied arts BA (or equivalent) course, and your university is an a-n JISC subscriber you are entitled to a free student subscription. Go to

Go to

  • Underneath 'Have your say' in the menu on the on the left hand side of the screen, click on the Start a blog tab This will open up a new page with blank fields including Your university and Details of your course.
  • Complete as many of the fields in the form as you can - they are designed to explain to the reader what your blog is about.
  • Agree to the terms of use (you will be unable to publish your blog without doing this).
  • Save your blog by clicking Save and preview.
  • When you are happy with your blog click Publish blog.

Your blog is now live.

help & FAQs I've started a blog but I can't see how to add posts to it.

Assuming you have logged in and navigated to the Degrees unedited pages:

  • Under “Have your say” (in grey right-hand column) click “My blogs”
  • Click on the name of your blog (in main column) 
  • Under “This project blog” (in grey right-hand column) click “Add a post”
  • Enter your post and Save

help & FAQs How do I receive email notifications when new comments are added to my blog?

From go to My blogs.

  • Select the blog you want to alter.
  • Click Edit blog intro.
  • Scroll down to Email notification and click [ ] Enabled.
    If you no longer want to receive notifications click [ ] Disabled.

help & FAQs I have received an email notification about a comment posted on my blog but it has not appeared on the website.

Email notifications are automatically sent when a comment is published. However the comment writer may rethink what they have written and delete their comment before the blog writer has had the opportunity to view it.

help & FAQs We are two artists, doing a collaborative piece. How do we start a blog to which we both can contribute?

Register with something like First name : (one person's names) & Last name : (other person's names).To register in this way you must not login first under any existing account. And you must use a new username. And then you share the login - it won't say which one of you submited each post but you can add at the top or bottom of each post something like "Posted by: (initials)". The only other issue is that the system allows only one email address to send notifications of added comments - you could set up a free web-based email account that you can both share solely for this purpose.

help & FAQs If I delete my blog can I retreive it if I change my mind?

No, if you choose to delete your blog it will be deleted from the website database and cannot be retreived.

Using the Unpublish option is safer as this removes the blog from public view, but it remains on the website database for you to access or re-publish  it again if you want to.

help & FAQs How do I create a personalised URL link to my blog?

From go to My blogs.

  • Select the blog you want to alter.
  • Click Edit blog intro then Personal link identifier.
  • Type in the word you want to appear at the end of the URL (for example if you enter joe_bloggs, your personalised link would be
  • Click Save and preview.

help & FAQs The personalised URL link I am using goes to the Degrees unedited home page rather than to my blog.

The program running the website treats URLs in a case sensitive way (it regards A as different from a)  - check that your link and your personal identifier are exactly the same.

help & FAQs How do I add video to my blog?

Videos must be hosted by an external source such as YouTube »

You need to register for a free YouTube account in order to upload content. YouTube automatically converts your video files into Flash and provides you with the Video embed code (HTML code) required to upload video to your Projects unedited blog.

Once your video has been uploaded to YouTube click Embed (found to the right hand side underneath your video). This will provide you with the Video embed code.

Go to and click My blogs.

  • Select the blog you want to add video to.
  • Click Add a post.
  • Scroll down the page and click Add video.
  • Enter the Video embed code along with a description of your video.
  • Click Save and preview.

help & FAQs How should I write my blog? Is there a certain style I should stick to?

No, you should write your blog in the way that suits you. There is no special etiquette on Degrees unedited, but in order to get repeat visits to your blog you must have a clear idea about what you are trying to say. Try to have continuity, as people like to follow projects from beginning to end. If words are not your strong point, you can always communicate your ideas by uploading images and video instead.

Also, It is a myth that updating your blog every two minutes will attract attention. If anything you will put people off through information overload. However, leaving a long gap in-between posts is equally problematic. The aim is to find a balance that suits you, and one that becomes part of your routine. For many people, blogging is about figuring out more about their practice - it should never become a chore.

For more information on how to develop your blog read Degrees unedited editor Richard Taylor's hints and tips here

help & FAQs I have updated my online profile but it isn't live.

1. You can have a generic profile that will be the default for all articles you post on the site. This is the profile in Join in > My account > My online profile

2. When you post an article you have the opportunity to use a profile that can be tailored specifically for that one article. This setting can be found in the add and edit functions for the Blog intros. This article-specific will only be shown alongside that particular article.

3. The above add or edit tool contains an option which allows you to copy the article-specific profile to your default profile, ie the one in Join in > My account > My online profile. This will then be shown alongside all articles you have made except for those that you have added an article-specific profile.

help & FAQs How can I add an image to my blog introduction?

You can't directly. But you can add up to five images to each of your subsequent posts. The last image you add to your posts is the image that shows next to the blog introduction. In this way the image is constantly refreshed as you add new images to your posts.

help & FAQs How can I add images to my posts?

Assuming you have logged in and navigated to the Degrees unedited section:

  • Under “Have your say” (in grey right-hand column) click “My blogs”
  • From the main column click the post you want to add an image to
  • Under “This post” (in grey right-hand column) click “Add image”
  • Upload image from local hard-disk - it will be sized automatically.
  • Enter image caption details
  • Save image

help & FAQs When I first started  my blog I decided not to allow comments but would now like to change this - how?

After you have created a blog you can still amend these settings by going to My blogs and select the blog concerned and then click Edit blog intro. There are two settings - whether or not you want to allow comments and whether or not you want to receive email notifications of any comments added.

Note: If once comments have been added to your blog - you can not turn them off again.

help & FAQs How do I unpublish my blog?

To remove your blog from the website, simply login to go to the Degrees unedited page. Then select ‘My blogs’ which is located in the menu on the left hand side. This will open up your blog posts, select the blog heading at the top of the list. You will then be taken into a different screen and from here select ‘Unpublish blog’ on the right hand side of the screen. 

Using the Unpublish removes the blog from public view, but it remains on the website database for you to access or re-publish it again if you want to.