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The Silent Buskers

I entered a bit of a time warp yesterday. It served as a timely reminder too. I took a table at the Festive Makers’ Market at General Office, alongside my fellow studio holder Louise Blakeway. It was a bit last […]

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Climbing Stairs

All I know is that this building feels sad. It sighs. Long sorrowful sighs that travel up and down the elevator shafts. The people who work here work hard long hours. They care. The building doesn’t seem to help. It’s […]

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I have long thought I fared better under water than I do on land. I have used this blog in part to explore my connection with the sea. I hadn’t considered why these things might be, beyond a potentially deeply […]

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Job Awards

Annual Awards for Art About Big Global Concerns

Red Line Art Works offers two Annual Awards for Art works (in any art form or creative media) focused on the big global concerns that threaten humanity or our planet.