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‘Art in mind…..The Invisible Series’

This new blog explores how my artistic process is/has been shaped by my mental health. I experiment in my studio with pieces that push my own perception of what can be achieved creatively by challenging societal cliches around mental health and being an infertile woman.

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How breathing can help regulate your emotions

To read this post visit: My monthly blog is now based on my website – come and check it out and sign up for free tips on ways to improve your life! And if you want to keep you […]

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30 Paintings in 30 Days, Day 26

door#26 (mixed media on canvas board) Sometimes our surroundings collect memories and features of those living with and passing by them. So much so they start to resemble something we weren’t expecting. What can you see peeking from the textures? […]

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Job Collaborative projects

Artists Peer Mentoring Programme

This is a programme for creative people, artists and introverts
Join us to present your artwork, hear and receive feedback from your peers and join in the conversation with multi Award Winner Laura Iosifescu, the founder of Laura I. Gallery.

Job Professional Development

Artist Mentoring Surgery,One to One

The Mentoring Surgery is a one to one surgery session with our very own gallery owner in which you will benefit from her attention and focus on you and your own progress, whether that’s finding your creative voice, personal development or financial.