photography exhibition Worthing Museum

Photography and video exhibition by Mandy Williams

A strange and familiar sea is a photography exhibition by Mandy Williams that brings together work from three photographic series about the sea.
In Beyond Land the photographs take place at a causeway that stretches out into the sea at low tide. Started a month after the referendum result with its emphasis on Britain as an island nation, geographically and psychologically separate from Europe, the photographs show lines of people following disappearing paths out to sea.

Sea Level and Frame were shot in Worthing w¬here she lived as a teenager and focus on the beach shelters along the promenade. In Sea Level the photographs are taken at high tide, when the shelters are empty. Their windows are weathered and scratched by the wind. The view of the sea through this prism produces images that are quite abstract Рthe sea and the markings on the glass have equal importance in the finished photograph.

Frame captures people as they walk by the shelters, their bodies barely discernible as they pass the central arms of the cross frame or are swept along by the wind. The textures of the environment at that moment are imprinted on the figure. Frame is exhibited as 12 captures and a short video.

Mandy Williams is a photographer and artist who works on long-form landscape series concerned with the psychology of place and how the marks of time and human presence affect the environment.
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