From today (Thursday 1 August) visual artists and photographers whose work has featured in UK books, magazines or on TV can claim their share of £4 million in royalties via the Payback 2013 service.

The annual offer is facilitated by the Design and Artists Copyright Society (DACS) and is open to visual artists working in any medium, from painters to photographers and designers to illustrators. If your work has been published in a UK book or magazine, or featured on television, you can get paid royalties through Payback.

DACS simply need to know three things:
– Are you a visual artist with copyright protected artworks?
– Has your work been featured in a UK book, magazine or TV programme?
– Can you give examples, with proof?

DACS then pay the royalties they’ve collected for photocopies of your work, recordings and repeat broadcasts of TV programmes where your work has featured.

Because you deserve it

Last year, over 350 AIR members received a payment, with the average amount being just under £150. The highest payment was £2,211, with everyone who made a successful claim being guaranteed a minimum of £25.

Tom Gauld, cartoonist and illustrator, has been claiming Payback since 2005, when an illustrator in his studio told him how he could receive money for just filling out a form. He comments: “I think I automatically assumed that it would be more complicated to get these royalties than it actually is. At first it almost felt like it was a scam and I was getting money for nothing. But actually you do deserve it and I think all illustrators should claim.”

Photographer Betsie van de Meer, adds: “Getting my first royalty felt great. It came just before Christmas. I was really surprised by the amount and I have put the money towards my projects.”

Artists can submit their claim online from 1 August until 31 October 2013. Alternatively, they can submit their claim by post before 17 October.

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