Angelika Open 2012 is a new exhibition forming part of a programme of events to bring exceptional art to High Wycombe. The open was initiated by a group of artists based at Angelika Studios, a practice-driven, non-profit collective set up in 2010 by recent Fine Art graduates from Buckinghamshire New University.

Housed in a former furniture factory, Angelika Studios’ core programme supports national and international artists and curators to initiate and exhibit work in the town. The space also provides a meeting point for artists and ideas, encouraging discussion and engagement with contemporary art issues.

Artist and co-founder Ann Harris said: “As emerging artists we realised how important it is to have a high profile open, outside of London, organised by artists for artists. All work submitted was seen and discussed by the panel of working artists and curators, which we felt was important for the integrity of the project.”

Since opening, Angelika Studios has hosted a series of independently curated exhibitions, crits and artist presentations. It also presents a regular film discussion programme and has taken part in an International pop up film festival partnering with Future Shorts.

“Angelika Open is an important part of our programme,” said Harris. “The response has been magnificent – we received hundreds of submissions from every continent and the contact we’ve made with other emerging artists internationally will feed into future projects. ”

The 23 finalists were selected by a panel consisting gallerist Rod Barton, artist and curator Paul Kindersley, and artists Boo Ritson and Danny Rolph.

Rolph said: “The six artists behind Angelika Studios are doing a great job at promoting and showcasing international contemporary art outside of a major city. Curatorial independence is reflected in the radical nature of their exhibition programme. They are developing a new template for regional artist-led organisations and deserve our support, recognition and encouragement.”

The selected artists for Angelika Open 2012 are: Hermione Allsopp, Siobhan Barr, Juan Bolivar, Darius Chang Jui YU, Malcolm Crocker, Martyn Cross, Olly Fathers, Tom Goddard, Robert Land, Jess Littlewood, Nigel Massey, Paul Merrick, Elisa Noguera Lopez, Daniella Norton, Aimee Parrott, Tessa Payne, Michael Pybus, Tom Rapsey, Mark Scott-Wood, Gagan Singh, Sarah West, Kazuaki Yamane, and Geoffrey Ziccardi.

A £1,000 prize and solo show will be awarded to one of the selected artists at the private view this evening.

Angelika Open 2012, 10 November – 2 December (weekends only), Angelika Studios, High Wycombe.

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