From 557 images received, 41 exhibiting artists have been selected for the first edition of The Zeitgeist Open, which bills itself as an open exhibition with a ‘difference’.

Judge and painter Graham Crowley says: “It’s about creating opportunities for ambitious artists, creating new networks and bringing new audiences – curators, gallerists, collectors and the general public – to artists.”

Crowley is joined on the judging panel by Alistair Gentry, David Kefford and Zeitgeist founders Rosalind Davis and Annabel Tilley, all of whom are artists. All work was seen on an anonymous basis and there was no pre-screening.

The Zeitgeist Open’s stated aim is ‘to create a really open Open, resulting in an exhibition that is about the artwork, and about intelligent artists making critical, educated and also instinctive decisions about the artwork.’

In developing The Zeitgeist Open, its founders Davis and Tilley say they have attempted to reevaluate the premise of the open submission experience in terms of how artists are treated, valued and supported before, during and after the event.

At least 10 artists from The Zeitgeist Open will be selected for the next Zeitgeist Art Projects group exhibition in spring 2013.

The Zeitgeist Open 2012 exhibition opens in New Cross, London at Bond House Project Space on 17 November and runs until 1 December. A full list of exhibiting artists is at

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