Artists Make Change is a 12-month research and development project, carried out by a-n Artists Council, designed to explore the role of the artist in society, and in particular to assess, and advocate for, how artists and art organisers can effectively work for change.

The project aims to build an understanding of current contexts, to offer information and developmental support for artists, and, through a series of engaged, participatory activities, to find consensus, offer possibilities for and generate momentum to find more effective ways for artists to be considered as an integral part in shaping the future of the country.

The project is being led by Artists Council members Glen Stoker, a visual artist and Director of Stoke-on-Trent-based artist-led project AirSpace Gallery, and Rachel Dobbs, an artist and educator based in Plymouth.

This week sees the publication of five Discussion Reports, made in response to a series of 90 minute Public Group Discussions which took place throughout June online on Zoom. These were designed to tease out and explore the themes covered in the five Artists Make Change Case Study Presentations.

The discussions looked at five themes:

  • Making Change through Unionisation, facilitated by Katriona Beales
  • Making Change through Political Representation, facilitated by Ross Jardine
  • Making Change through Institutions and Archival Spaces, facilitated by Caroline Gausden
  • Identifying Needs in your Community & Making Change, facilitated by Jhinuk Sarkar
  • Making Change through Art Practice and Art Work, facilitated by Tom Goddard

The reports are now public and can be viewed on the AirSpace Gallery website:

The original Case Study Presentations are still live and viewable at
or at a-n‘s and AirSpace‘s YouTube channels.

Please contact the Artists Make Change team at [email protected] with any thoughts and feedback, or with any questions about upcoming activity.

1. Artists Make Change: Group Discussion