Each part of this year’s Issue focuses in turn on a different city and a different facet of the North of England’s visual arts ecology. Part 1, which looked at commercial galleries, was launched in Newcastle; Part 2 on the artist-led organisation was launched in Sheffield. Part 4 will be launched in Manchester later in the year, when all four parts will be collated into a bound publication.

Part 3 explores art education and features artist Grace Hamilton’s research into the North’s major art education institutions. Interviewees include: Christine Borland, professor at BALTIC 31 in Newcastle; Maurice Carlin at Islington Mill Academy in Salford; Juan Cruz, professor of Fine Art at Liverpool’s School of Art and Design at LJMU; Ian Rawlinson, artist and Route Leader at the Manchester School of Art; The Free University of Liverpool.

“The interviews examine whether the North is particularly suited to practice, and if so, how this affects those who choose to study here,” says Bryony Bond, Editor of Corridor8.

Part 3 also features an article on Liverpool by 2008 Northern Art Prize winner Paul Rooney, which Bond describes as “an unerringly accurate insight not only into the city, but into the use of art as a tool for regeneration.”

“Rooney calls for an art that is not afraid to delve beneath marketing rhetoric and that will confront the murkier realities of our cities,” she says.

Writer, artist and PHD supervisor Derek Horton who set up Leeds Metropolitan University’s Fine Art programme in 1997, will be talking this evening about his online art and writing magazine Soanyway. Co-produced with artist Lisa Stansbie, Soanyway takes its first step in to the realm of print in the form of a special supplement to Corridor8’s new issue. Contributors to this supplement are: Alex Dipple; Andrew George; Phill Hopkins; Eoin Shea; Lisa Stansbie and Anna T; Billy Cancel; Tom Duggan; Claire Potter and Stephanie Richardson.


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