Our degree shows coverage continues with Andy Jones kicking off a busy weekend of a-n Instagram takeovers by a-n members. Jones was posting images from the preview of Hugh Baird University Centre’s graphic arts and photography shows in Liverpool.

For her graphic arts degree show project (pictured above), Alexandra Parry created a series of books raising awareness of autism and Asperger syndrome that were inspired by the experiences of her brother. Parry was given a Best in Show award for the work, All About Ben.

Olivia Aspinall attended the industry preview at Nottingham Trent University where “a diverse range of expertly crafted objects” made the decorative arts course a particular highlight, and the “impressive” fine art show included “skilfully curated and engaging work”.

Included in the decorative arts show, Jessica Sian Moulsher’s textured ceramic vessels were displayed alongside a series of intricate drawings of cities across Europe that had inspired the designs.

Mesmerised in Newcastle

In her opening post from the fine art show at Newcastle University, Sheyda Porter said she was hoping to see “some ambitious works that push the norms”.

Felicity Souter used her own “mesmerising singing voice” to create an immersive installation of intimate self-portraits, presented as “eerily glowing wall sculptures”.

Porter described Bethan Turner’s highly stylised structures – that are sometimes used to display taxidermy – as “modern silhouettes in sugary tones”.

At the University of Brighton Graduate Show, Nadine Shaban was impressed by Jess Power’s “beautiful paintings” in the fine art show, explaining that “she challenges herself to work with mistakes, hoping to gain an understanding of how one defines their own actions as successful or wrong”.

Maisie Brown’s textile paintings (pictured top) look to question what painting is, and what it can become. Speaking about the work, Shaban said: “Her practise is a celebration of feminine strength – in spite of the fact that ‘it’s a man’s world’.”

Live art in Falmouth

Posting from the Falmouth School of Art fine art and drawing shows, Maddy Hearn found much to explore across several sites, including a Victorian villa and a garden studio, as well the traditional painting studios.

‘The fine art show includes some lively video installations, sculptural textiles, fresh paintings and fun live elements like Maddie Broad’s The Disco Trolley, that parades campus on the opening and closing event,’ said Hearn.

In the drawing show, Scarlet Standen’s intricate Frida Drawing was a popular work with visitors. “The work explores Standen’s time spent juggling her role as single parent whilst completing her degree course,” explains Hearn.

Rounding off the weekend, Aspinall visited the “brilliant and very enjoyable” degree shows at Loughborough University.

“The large, light filled studios showed off students work beautifully,” she said. “I loved Eleanor Young’s glossy colourful paintings as well as Connie Liebschner’s large scale photography”.

1. Maisie Brown, degree show installation at University of Brighton. Photo: Nadine Shaban
2. Alexandra Parry, All About Ben. Photo: Andy Jones
3. Jessica Sian Moulsher, slipcast ceramic vessels, pen and watercolour illustration. Photo: Olivia Aspinall
4. Felicity Souter, degree show installation at Newcastle University. Photo: Sheyda Porter
5. Bethan Turner, degree show installation at Newcastle University. Photo: Sheyda Porter
6. Jess Power, degree show installation at University of Brighton. Photo: Nadine Shaban
7. Maddie Broad, The Disco Trolley. Photo: Maddy Hearn
8. Scarlet Standen, Frida Drawing (detail). Photo: Maddy Hearn
9. Eleanor Young, degree show installation at Loughborough University. Photo: Olivia Aspinall
10. Connie Liebschner, digital Print 900x100cm, 2016.  Photo: Olivia Aspinall

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More takeovers this weekend: University of Central Lancashire (Andy Jones, 10 June); Plymouth University (Maddy Hearn, 10 June); University of Sunderland (Sheyda Porter, 11 June); Plymouth College of Art (Maddy Hearn, 11 June).

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