The Contemporary Art Practice and Photography Degree shows at City of Glasgow College were the focus of our latest Instagram feature, with a-n’s Richard Taylor posting his highlights.

The college describes the Contemporary Art Practice show as a ‘small and intimate degree show’, but Scott Cain’s Some Things Come From Nothing made a real impact.

Taylor explained: “Each time I see abandoned road servicing signs and equipment, I sort of want to nick it and use it, or store it for a better time. Scott Cain seems to have done what I will probably never do!

“Great work interlacing sculptural forms in steel with well known everyday objects. Fantastic slogan too! And intricate use of space.”


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Taylor offered a ‘Cyberpunk’ take on Dawn McClung’s la città increspata, describing the work as “Akira vibes, approaching majesty, singular large-scale painting with great swirling fleshy details”.

McClung says the work is “based on water ripples seen in Venice – the interplay of buildings into reflections. This year I moved to Glasgow from Ayr, and wanted to create the same effect in response to living in the city.”


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“Journeying through stitch” is how Taylor described Sarah-Jane Duncan’s work, Ya’aqov. Duncan, who describes herself as an ‘embroidery addict’ says: “I learned to stitch as a little girl, I’ve always used it as I like to draw with thread. It’s slow and meditative – the world is fast enough.”


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The City of Glasgow College Photography Degree Show includes Rachel Jamieson’s work Belmont Tower which documents a group of residents who meet daily as a part of the social club at a tower block in Falkirk.

The social club has recently been threatened with closure due to an increase in the club room rent, so, as Taylor pointed out, the “sociable over 55s now rally together for meetings on how to save their homes, and their collective identity.”


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“Legs at work, heels at play,” was Taylor’s description of Rebecca Storrie’s aptly titled Legs.

“This photographic series seems almost digitally altered – but in fact the shots are so well formed, we can leave digital out of it.”

Contemporary Art Practice and Photography Degree Shows at City of Glasgow College continue until 31 May 2019.

More takeovers in the week ahead: Jenny Steele will be posting from Degree Show 2019 at University of Salford, Diana Ali will be heading to Nottingham Trent University, and FK McLoone will be offering highlights from Edinburgh College of Art. Be sure to follow #andegrees19 to catch all the posts.

1. Scott Cain, Some Things Come From Nothing, steel and spray paint, 2019.
2. Dawn McClung, la città increspata, oil on canvas 200x200cm, 2019.
3. Sarah-Jane Duncan, Ya’aqov, cloth, thread, plastic, spray paint, 2019.
4. Rachel Jamieson, Belmont Tower.
5. Rebecca Storrie, Legs.

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